Mindfulness - English

About the program

What exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness means attention training, also expressed as live `in the here-and-now`. In addition, mindfulness refers to accepting things and situations and being more mindful without judging. This Mindfulness program is suitable for everyone.

For whom?

This program is suitable for everyone, and especially for people who want to live more mindful and experience more balance.

What is in the program? 

In the first session, the `Introduction`, there will be a description about how the programme works. In the session `What is Mindfulness?`, you will be informed about what Mindfulness is and how it works. In the session `Practicing Mindfulness`, you will be shown how to practice mindfulness well and what is most important when doing this. The session `Weekly exercises contains of one meditation exercise per week for eight weeks. This is necessary so you can really get to work on learning how to lead a more mindful way of living. If you want to get started immediately, you can go straight to those sessions, and look at the rest of the information step-by-step. Most importantly, do this the way that is most enjoyable for you!

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Mindfulness - English